Swissdigital Design offers world's best bag, packed with technology

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Traveling is becoming an increasingly important part of our modern society while travelers are more and more demanding towards convenience, design and true portability.

Our promise is to design and develop innovative traveling gear with Swiss precision making these available for
travelers with high expectations towards design, quality and first to market technology.

It’s in the name!

The Swissdigital Design offers you high quality precision gear from Switzerland, packed with (digital) innovations in a luxury and sleek design. Swissdigital Design is all you need to experience new adventures in a comfortable and trusted way.

Your trusted, durable and convenient companion

How about a travel solution that includes all technologies available? Our innovations are unique and are based upon the latest technologies like 5G. Swissdigital Design continues to find new ways to surprise, enable and delight you on every step of life’s journey. Our breakthrough thinking already includes lifestyle products such as bags and backpacks with Find My technology. Smart luggage that frees you up to escape and explore but keeps you safe, in touch and entertained at the same time.

Go for the top

Our Swiss roots secure the highest quality and precision in everything we do and at the same time we look for the best solutions to make your journey the ultimate experience. We’re climbing those peaks and scaling those heights to see just what we can discover when we reach the edge. Join us!