World's best travel gear series work with Apple Find My network.

Locate your belongings in an easy way
Swissdigital bag and luggage equipped with the SDD Finding system helps you find your belongings instantly through the Apple Find My network, made up of billions of Apple devices. Use the Find My app to see your bag and luggage on the map of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Play a sound of maximum 130 dB if it’s nearby, switch on the Blue flashing light even in the darkness or enable Lost Mode to ask iPhone users arrounding, and get notified when it is found.
Apple Find My network provides an easy, secure way to locate your belongings on a map using the Apple Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.
Find your bag
Locate your belongings on the map on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, using the power of the global Apple Find My network.
Leave no bag behind
Receive a notification when you accidentally leave your item behind.
Use the alarm
Sometimes it’s easier to hear a loud sound when you are trying to find your belongings. With the tested and confirmed sound of >120 dB, you can find them in no time. WIth >120 dB, Swissdigital has clearly the loudest alarm in the market.
With blue flash light
When you want to find your Backpack in the dark, the blue flash light, that is hidden behind the Swissdigital Design Logo, will help to find your bag easily. Or use on the blue LED in our Swissdigital Design Finding system with the Key Chain.

Use of the Works with Apple badge means that a product has been designed to work specifically with the technology identified in the badge and has been certified by the product manufacturer to meet Apple Find My network product specifications and requirements. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device, use of this product or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

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